“This liberating truth changed the trajectory of my life completely.”

Dorine Mwesigwa, founder of the World Transformation Movement Uganda Centre, with her children

Dorine Mwesigwa is an author, entrepreneur, and life-transformational coach. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Theology, Religious Studies & Philosophy from the University of Roehampton in London, and a Master’s in Extended Ecumenical Studies from Germany’s Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn.

Born and raised in Uganda, Dorine speaks Luganda, English and German and is the author of Iron Eagle Mum: Our Journey of Discovery on turning life’s adversities into triumphs. In 2017 she established the Eagle Mum Foundation to help Ugandan women overcome personal crises and raise children in a positive environment. A mother of four, Dorine enjoys helping other people, including through organised voluntary work, and loves cooking, reading and gardening.

Dorine is so committed to ensuring as many people across the world have access to this liberating truth that she also founded the WTM West Midlands Centre in England — “I want this understanding to touch the world, I want it to move nations!”

“People of not only Uganda but every country around the world are suffering because they are putting their focus on materialism — especially people in Africa, because, living in poverty, they believe their happiness will come from money. But what we all need is the understanding of the human condition because that is what will save lives and enable everyone to live an amazing quality and equality of life. Life is not about material things, it is about knowledge, it’s about understanding, which is the liberating and transforming gift Jeremy has given us.”

Dorine Mwesigwa